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Wondering what our clients think of the reliable senior home services we provide? The feedback we receive can be found in the form of comments right here! Please, share your own experience with others if you are already a client of ours! We thank you for your time and consideration!


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by Dane P. on Home Senior Services
Very Professional

I want you to know how much I value your services. Since I started receiving help from your health care personnel, my quality of life has become better and I am truly grateful for it. Thank you!

Thank you

For about the last three years, Home Senior Services had been a part time caregiver for mother while she was in independent living and continued that role when my mother moved to assisted living. Home Senior Services would spend several hours each day my mother, not only helping with her personal hygiene, but also serving as a companion. The bond between Home Senior Services and my mother grew steadily over the years, a relationship for which my brother and I were both pleased and grateful.On the few occasions when assistance was needed beyond the daily routi Home Senior Services made herself available without our having to ask. For example, there w three instances over the years when my mother had to be taken to the emergent room of the local hospital. Each time, Home Senior Services accompanied her while she was the hospital and stayed with her until the situation was resolved. Home Senior Services was a very good at keeping my brother and me aware of any needs or issues that my mother had.We recently had to move my mother into a long-term care facility. With t strong relationship they have formed over the three years, Home Senior Services has indicate that she would like to visit my mother once she has settled in.As I hope these instances show, Home Senior Services is a conscientious, thoughtful, ca and highly professional individual. My family will always be grateful for what sh did for my mother. I have the highest regard for her and would recommend her without any reservations for similar positions.

Great job

Home Senior Services assisted my mother at Farm Pond in Framingham once a week for a year. She also provided her with personal care occasionally for two years prior to that.My mother was always very pleased with Home Senior Services's ability to anticipate her needs and find the best way to help her fulfill them. She also trusted Home Senior Services with cash or personal checks when Home Senior Services would go shopping for her.Home Senior Services was always pleasant and prompt, two traits that made my mother even more comfortable to have her as a part of her life.My mother is no longer in need of Home Senior Services's services as she is going into a nursing home setting, but would certainly advise anyone to take advantage of her services.


Home Senior Services served as the personal caregiver for my mother for approximately thee years until she recently had to move into a skilled nursing facility just a couple of months before her 100th birthday. Throughout the period of time during which my mother was living independently in a senior community, Home Senior Services spent two hours in the morning and again in the evening with my mother providing needed assistance and companionship. She treated her as if she were a member of her own family and my mother truly looked forward to the time she spent with her.Home Senior Services always communicated with my brother and me about any changes in my mother's physical condition that she thought we should know about which enabled us to make the necessary medical appointments in a timely manner. In short, Home Senior Services enabled my mother to live independently at a very advanced age and improved the quality of her life immeasurably. In addition, she gave my brother and me full confidence that our mother was being well taken care of when we could not be with her. I cannot recommend Home Senior Services highly enough for a similar caregiving assignment.

highly recommend

Home Senior Services has been caring for my moth( who has advanced Alzheimer's for over three years. Home Senior Services has been a responsible, efficient, caregiver. Home Senior Services is professional, organized and very competent. For the past two years she has worked the overnight shift 36 hours a week. Home Senior Services is always on time an reliable. Home Senior Services offers helpful suggestions and she is also able to accept my recommendations for care for my mother and to follow through on them. My mother is wheel chair bound, non communicative and fully reliant on her caretakers for all of her needs. Under Home Senior Services's care my mother has been kept very healthy and content. I highly recommend Home Senior Services for senior care.

by Larry O'Connor and Angela on Home Senior Services
Thank you

This is a letter of recommendation for Home Senior Services. She has been caring for my father in-law, Larry O'Connor at Maples for over a year now.She does many things for him. She drives him to his Doctor appointments, sets out his medications for him daily and often goes beyond the call of duty and will clean for him or do his laundry when he needs it. She always lets us know when he isn't feeling well and has taken him to the hospital and waited with him until we could get there. She keeps in constant contact with us so we know everything that's going on and lets us know what the Doctors say at his appointments because he doesn't remember.He isn't an easy person to help. He is often cranky, forgetful and doesn't always treat Home Senior Services nicely so, she has the patience of a saint! Surprisingly, she still helps him in any way that she can. She is very understanding and very caring with him. That is not easy to do when he is often speaking to her so coarsely. It really takes a special person to do this kind of work and to help Larry O'Connor so, I have to give Home Senior Services much credit for what she does and she does it with a smile which is extra special.Without Home Senior Services's help, we would be in much turmoil. She is very professional and reliable. We've been counting on her every day for over a year and she has not once let us down.Home Senior Services would be the first one on our list that we would recommend if anyone needed the kind of assistance that she provides to the elderly.

by Anne Arruda on Home Senior Services
It is a pleasure working with her

I have worked with Home Senior Services for nearly six months. She is a capable and caring caregiver who takes initiative to improve the lives of the clients we share. She is well liked by the couple and the adult children.
Home Senior Services are extremely reliable and creative. She is well organized and calls, sends texts and emails and pictures regularly to insure that information is clear and timely.
She is amicable and friendly but professional. She makes suggestions for care based upon her knowledge and experience.
It is a pleasure working with her.

by Rick Toney & Family on Home Senior Services
responsible and extremely thoughtful

Home Senior Services has been assisting us in the care of my elderly parents for the past 7 months. One parent is in the advancing stages of Alzheimer's and the other was just beginning recovery from a stroke. Home Senior Services visits with them several times a week. She takes them shopping, to the hairdresser and doctors appointments. She very quickly proved herself to be a very responsible, caring and thoughtful caregiver and as a result, a core part of my parents care. Neither parent is easy to deal with but Home Senior Services does this very well with her calm and patient demeanor. She consistently reports back on the visits and how they are doing. Several times, she has picked up supplies they needed without us even asking. She has notified us when questions arise about medications or side effects. In the warmer seasons, she took our parents for walks on the grounds. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for help in caring for elderly residents. She is dependable, responsible and extremely thoughtful.

by Lynn Burdick on Home Senior Services
Thank you

I have worked with Home Senior Services on and off for almost 4 years now. She is certainly not your common variety caregiver.
My Parents, one with Parkinson's and one with Alzheimer's, have needed a variety of care levels for this time. Home Senior Services has been instrumental in giving devoted and loving care. She has done everything from 24/7 care for my father to shopping trips and medical appointments with my mother.
She is thorough, kind and always available for whatever we need. She and her girls are all about care from the heart, what is best for the client and keeping the family updated every step of the way.
I truly feel she and her girls are angels on earth. Not everyone can give this kind of care and be so devoted.

by Christine Crosby on Home Senior Services
Thank you

Home Senior Services has been a personal care associate for my mother since 2009. Home Senior Services has always been dedicated to giving my mother the best care. She has stayed with her when she needed care at my home. Currently, my mother is living in an assisted living facility. Home Senior Services takes my mother to doctor appointments, out shopping and any other things we may need.

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